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The Journey Begins and Views from my Window

von w

Publisher: iUniverse (

Author: Von H. Washington, Sr.

Contents: Three action packed historically based storytheatre creations designed for reading enjoyment or live performance.

Seven Stops to Freedom: Travel with the Acre family on their dangerous journey from Mississippi to Canada, seeking freedom from slavery on the Underground Railroad. (Juneteenth Award Winner)

The Legend of Sojourner Truth: Share heart- breaking moments in the life of Sojourner truth as she relives her past. Born into American slavery, she gains her freedom and travels the nation educating people about the evils of slavery.

The River to Cross: Witness the daily heart wrenching struggles of the William Bright Conner family, free from birth, as they hit the road to elude the chains of slavery in North Carolina, in 1849.

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Publisher: AuthorHouse ( (Publication date pending)

Author: Von H. Washington, Sr.

Contents: Four dramatic creations showcasing complexities associated with living in modern day America. Designed for reading enjoyment or live performance.

Looking for Talika: Don and Dee decide to take a “look back,” after 25 years of seemingly blissful marriage. How- ever, the evening produces findings that require a “new look,” to decide whether or not there will be a future. (Strawberry one-act Festival in New York City, 2009)

Fighting Fires: On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, Shareem kidnaps his absentee father and demands the attention he believes is owed to him. All goes as planned until Shareem is faced with startling information about his father’s absence. (Finalist, 2007 Riant Theatre Strawberry one-act Festival, New York City)

Let the Brotha Talk: An African American male agrees to be a guest on a radio talk show. The interview goes well until the outspoken Jeannie Jeane makes a costly mistake that wreaks havoc on and off the air.

The Operation: Willie Jones has been diagnosed as angry, frustrated, depressed, shiftless, lazy, and incorrigible. A consulting team of doctors has been put together to determine whether Willie, in his present state, is lost and therefore better off with an operation which will make him less of a threat and burden to society.

About the Playwright

Von Washington is an award winning playwright, director, actor, and professor. Often called a modern day storyteller, his plays explore the social and psychological difficulties associated with being an African American living in modern day America. His insighftul, action packed, emotional plays reveal the pain and laughter of men, women, and children fighting to find a better position in their ever changing world; a world that is confronted with differing views on gender, race, philosophy, politics, sex, and status. Among his creations are several plays that have been produced by WPI and other organizations. Looking for a Good Thing, (Now titled: "Dancing with Yesterday) had its World Premier in Chicago. Rosa Parks, received it's world premier in 2001. Remnants from Senegal, premiered in 2006, was recently produced at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem North Carolina and Fighting Fires was produced at the the American Theatre for Actors at 95th and Broadway in New York City. For more info about his creations click here .


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